Lining Products

SC Rubber

Keysite 800 (PVC) – Plastisol

Keysite 900 (PVC) – Tank Lining


Socco’s own natural, chlorobutyl, and neoprene rubber linings are formulated from the finest natural and synthetic elastomers.

Socco manufactures soft, semi-hard, and hard rubber products that provide general purpose chemical resistance and sliding abrasion, lining repair, hydrochloric acid service, food grade service, oxidizing and plating solutions, and maximum resistance to wet chlorine.

They are also flexible in the vulcanized state, thus having very few limitations regarding the size and shape of the equipment.

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We apply rubber to literally any metal – steel, aluminum, cast iron, etc.

Our rubber linings have been used as a sanitary lining for:

  • chemical processing and storage tanks
  • fan housings and wheels
  • flanged pipes and fittings
  • fume ducts
  • plating equipment
  • railroad tank cars
  • separators
  • sewage disposal equipment
  • truck tanks
  • other various items


Socco’s rubber linings are extremely resilient and are vulcanized to metal with internal adhesion. When vulcanized, rubber linings will resist cracking or buckling under temperature changes or alternating wetting and drying.

They will not oxidize, slough off, discolor, or chemically change the liquid carried.

We also routinely use high quality sheet rubber products that are supplied by the major brand name manufacturers such as Goodyear, Polymerics, and Blair.