Lining Products

SC Rubber

Keysite 800 (PVC) – Plastisol

Keysite 900 (PVC) – Tank Lining


Socco’s PVC (polyvinyl chloride) products are Keysites 800 and 900, applied by dip, spray, or sheet lining. Both linings are excellent in abrasion resistance.


Keysite 800 is a PVC resin in a liquid state, otherwise known as plastisol. We have two formulations: Keysite 800 hot dip, and Keysite 800 cold spray.

Keysite 800 Hot Dip

Keysite 800 hot dip is used primarily for dipping plating racks, dip baskets, and oddly shaped items with a heavy vinyl film. This film resists corrosion from strong acids found in the plating industry. This plastisol is also used as a protective coating for material handling equipment to keep highly polished or machine surfaces from getting scratched.

Keysite 800 Cold Spray

Keysite 800 cold spray was designed to be sprayed with a pump for large tanks and fume hoods that would be too large to dip.


Keysite 900 sheet tank lining is a pure virgin vinyl, elastomeric compound that is extruded into a sheet tank lining form to provide a thick, dense, impermeable barrier against penetrating corrosive chemicals.

Keysite 900’s capabilities allow it to be used against highly concentrated oxidizing acids, such as chromic and nitric acids. It is also good where solvents are used (such as carbon tetrachloride and gasoline) and in use with oils and greases. They are also suitable for higher concentrations of strong alkalis and other plating solutions.

Keysite 900 is a premium lining material designed to do common jobs better and to do the jobs where other linings failed.