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Heresite – Phenolic


Socco is the west coast licensed applicator for Heresite®. Heresite is manufactured and sold only by Heresite Protective Coatings and their licensed applicators. The application of Heresite to finned tube coils is performed at our plant in Rancho Cucamonga, California.


These are several advantages that Socco has by being a licensed Heresite applicator:

  • Experience with bake phenolic coating application since 1945
  • Capable of coating any size coil
  • Refrigerant removal and recharging
  • Complete coil cleaning capabilities
  • Multiple coatings with Heresite dip and bake phenolic
  • Interior and exterior coating of cabinets
  • Fans, housing, and air stream coating available
  • Certification and quality tag on each Heresite dipped coil


Heresite is a bake phenolic that is used as a protective coating for tanks, heat transfer equipment, blowers, fan wheels and housings, duct, exhaust hoods, hot water generators, and acid storage tanks. It exhibits high heat resistance, flexibility, and the lowest water absorption rate known for a coating. Heresite also offers consistent, high quality service for a wide range of applications in immersion service, particularly for most acids, solvents, and salts.


Heresite coating offers an economical alternative to the use of metals in corrosive environments.

  • Creates minimal loss of thermal conductivity
  • Superior salt water resistance
  • Durable finish
  • Outstanding bond strength

Aluminum fin coils coated with Heresite are more cost-effective than copper fin coils because Heresite is applied to both the casing and finned tubes.

  • Special metal casing materials are unnecessary
  • Resists attack more successfully from most cleaning agents
  • Withstands exposure to practically all corrosive and chemical fumes
  • Withstands thermal shock and temperatures up to 400°F
  • Operates at sub zero temperatures without loss of chemical and mechanical properties

Heresite coating is applied to both plate fin coils and spiral wound tubing. Coil manufacturers have indicated that there is no need for additional heating or cooling surfaces due to Heresite.


We get complete fin and tube coverage for heat transfer equipment by dipping, extending the service life of your equipment. A spray and bake process is used for blowers, fan wheels, and housings.